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Dec. 8th, 2008


meme #4

8D My pet got a third room! I need more coins to decorate it~~~

Nov. 13th, 2008


So Ji Sub~~~

Meep! I was looking through Men's Non No's November issue when I came across a page with So Ji Sub in it!! -utter joy-

However, due to my poor understanding of Japanese, if any kind soul could help me translate what the passage about him says? ;_;

gigantic pictureCollapse )

Many thanks in advance!!! ♥

Oct. 27th, 2008


help identifying a drama?

There was this jdrama (I think it's Japanese... Not too sure though) that I loved watching in my preteens. I think it was in the 90's when Singapore had this on air on the mandarin channel.

It's about a girl who dreams of becoming a great actress in theatre, I believe. There was this part where she was auditioning for the role of Helen Keller and did a wonderful job portraying a blind-mute-deaf character. I could remember the part where the girls auditioning were left in a room and someone sounded the fire alarm. Almost all the girls panicked but for the protagonist and her biggest rival, who were still in character.

I thought the title had a relation to glass or glass slipper, but it's definitely not a cinderella story? If anyone knows what the title of this drama is, do let me know! ;_; I loved it but I missed quite a few episodes and didn't get to finish watching it... I hope I can find it to watch again.

Aug. 4th, 2008


blythe help & Leekeworld

Eeeks, I bought 2 Blythe wigs thinking they'd be the same size as dolly heads (oh god so stupid, yes) and they're indeed bigger and engulf Maname's head. -weeps-
I know nothing about the Blythe communites so I don't know where I can try to sell off the wigs I got. -frets-

These are the official pictures: milkish wig and white silver wig. The wig net for the milkish wig is torn but manages to hold onto the wig still. They look pretty much like the photos.

@_@ I'd like to sell each for US$20 inclusive of normal airmail. If any kind soul who's into Blythes can direct me to a place I can sell these (or best, assist me in selling these as you may have higher feedback on the blythe markets than me), I would be very grateful! ;o;

. . .

Anyone ordering from Leekeworld's current preorder? ;o; I need 2 wigs but there aren't any G.O's going on right now for me to piggyback on.

Jul. 28th, 2008


:) art blog

Well, I decided to start an art blog over on blogspot. You can view it here. Just a little space I created to put in the sketches, w.i.p's and finished artworks. Perhaps as a form of boosting myself to draw more often? Ignore the title... it's so random, I have no idea what to name it. D:
Nothing spectacular there. Yet. I hope to regain my arting fire. DX

Feel free to link me there if you have art journals as well, and let me know your link as well so I can link you back too? ^^ Thanks!


Jun. 24th, 2008


The race has begun!

Yay~~ I'll be boosting peeps on my f-list's balloons! 8D Woohahah~ And I've been giving boosts to the people visiting my website too.

Also, dolly-wise. There's going to be another Leeke wig/horn preorder come the 30th of June! Yay~ You may deem me mad, but I don't see why not in collecting wigs. -coughs- So if anyone wants to order anything, please let me know! 8D I think I might want [W083 (Heat-resisting Fiber)]. It's so naturally tied up. <3
Sadly, am not into the limited wig for girls... o_o The back... is pretty bad coz you can see some 'scalp'. Now to think which sized girl I get the wig for. ._. or for both girls. -crawls under cover of bed-

Jun. 5th, 2008


kanon wakeshima . Mana

*_* Ahh, what an experience listening to a girl giving her rendition to Mana's tunes. I visited Kanon Wakashima's website and she draws too? I do like her art! *-* And it's pretty cool for a lady to play the cello.

8D Darn it. So indeed, I like Mana's music compositions. Abyss! Here I come~ I'm listening to her miniature album now. Only three little songs. T_T I want more.

And slow me just realised Vampire Knight has an anime. -__-

May. 1st, 2008



So I got my unoa faceplates today and I don't think I'm ready to have mini boys just yet. =__= I still love Kotone alot and I think it's hard to share the love amongst all three of them, because I know I'll be biased towards Kotone. -feels bad-

Plus how it's muchly obvious that I should get Haiame a new SD10 jointed body. ._. So the poor little faceplates have been put up for sale on DoA and Sd_Sg.

If anyone's interested in a boy Sist and new in packaging L-Bi Madoromi, do check out my doa sales thread or my sd_sg entry.

Thanks! :x

Apr. 4th, 2008



No. Don't do this to me the day before a dolly meet.

My serger left this world this morning. As in, the peddle and its gears. I can only serge by manually spinning the knob. All the spinning I did is hurting my right wrist. T_T But oh my god, I still have a couple of tee's to sew for my kids so they may have something new to wear tomorrow.

T_____T Hand-sew? Oh maaan... I hope it revives. It's my mother's antique machine and she's been using it for decades. I hope I didn't kill it. T_T

Feb. 29th, 2008



8D YAY! I post an entry on Leap Day!

T_____T I feel silly. I didn't do anything particularly lovely today other than conceiving thoughts of having a tiny doll. ;_____;

-hugs Leap Day-chan before it leaves for the next four years- Today was pretty, anyway. I loved the winds, the smells and the feelings I felt today. :) See you in four years' time! Till then, I'll be sure to plan up something awesome to experience when you next visit!


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