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I am freakishly annoyed.

I want to start another new blog somewhere but Blogger tags and stupid html things are so freaking confusing I can't make a layout work for me. -cries- Plus, their stupid interface isn't working on my Mac's Safari and Firefox. At all. I AM SO SICK OF THIS. Why can't tags for blogs be easy to figure like how they used to, for instance, like PITAS. I know, that was way long ago, but at least the editing for layouts were easier to understand!!! T_____T

I am also feeling very depressed over the lack of True Blood episodes. 3: How will I possibly survive in one piece till the 13th of September? I might even have to wait till the 14th/15th for the episode to be shared. ;_; It's so odd to see Eric all helpless before the queen in the promo clip.

Arr, I miss laughing out loud over their silly lines in TB. ;__; I hope the day comes quickly.


OMG Pitas I remember that XD Ia gree with the above, deinately try wordpress.com and if you want more control just install your own wordpress :D

omg man true blood. I remember going "WTF ARE YOU?" to Maryann XD
Haha, I tried wordpress and supposedly one has to purchase the CCS thingy to be able to customize? -flips tables- :/ Long ago my friend used Grey Matter. D:

Yeah! I even went to search on Wiki about her to know she's a maenad (before the characters told us who she was), but maenads are just supposed to be harmless... And Bacchus just... a god of wine, not related to Satan. D:
DUde, does your domain have MYSQL and PHP? then you could install it yourself on your domain? :O

Yeah idk wtf they're doing with the character D:

April 2015

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