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I just finished the last episode of Boys over Flowers (korean ver.). Gods it's the BEST EVER. T____T I love it so much. The team did a great job with this version. You can feel their hearts putting in all their efforts and the romance and love, and poetry too! ;___; The second last episode had quite a few symbolism and pain~ I cried like crazy for the last two eps.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5 hearts!! One of the best idol drama's on the planet!

And it's also such a shame that one of the actresses had to miss this... :( I wish such terrible things would stop for actresses... All the forced encounters they have to go through because their managers threaten them.


I LOVED IT!!! I cried buckets through the last 2 eps toooo!!! Definitely an awesomely played out drama. And it wasn't draggy like I dreaded it to be! :D
-huggles- Yeah! It was just right and the characters are all so adorable. T__T
Noooooooo! Not the K version. *clings to Matsumoto Jun as Domyoji*

Admittedly the girl is cute. Reminds me of Nodame Cantabile.
I also loved MatsuJun as Doumyouji but I think he was better as MOMO in Kimi wa petto :x

also the vast acting level difference between him and Inoue Mao was too different. She was the worst drama Tsukushi.
Hahahahaha~~~ 8p K version of Domyouji still the best. Fufufu, coz they fit the body type well. :3 Wonder which version is dumber. XD All the more endearing.

The girl's the oldest actress! XD Actresses are nuts, they can be in their thirties and look like 19. D:
I've already got the DVD set on "alert me when available". Its a whopping 100USD for a 9 disc set but I really don't care lol.
D: Holy! 100USD?! I hope it's elaborately packed and filled with lots of extras!
me, too ;A; i'd probably cry if the case has a crack on it or anything when it gets here!
Yet ANOTHER one praises the Korean version! Looks like I really have to download it now but my housemate is pestering me to watch Antique Bakery. *o*

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